Downton Abbey Cupcakes

I love projects that I get to be totally original with.   With all the cupcakes, cakes, decoration techniques, etc. out there, it is really fun to make something that you know is your own.  If it happens to be on the theme of a show you are currently addicted to, so much the better!

I made these for a client who was having a party for the Season 3 finale of Downton Abbey.  She requested the pearls and feathers, but the uniforms were 100% my creation 🙂





Celebrating – Sailboats and Memory Cakes

Last year, a good friend asked me to create a birthday cake for her grandmother’s 89th birthday.  This was one of the the first cakes I’d made – when the idea of starting a business was just starting to appear in my mind.  It was also one of the first cakes I ever tried to cover in fondant.  Fast forward to me frosting the chocolate cake, which was COMPLETELY crumbling under my spatula, me crying, and my husband telling me “honey – stop.  It’s over.  Time of death 9:49 pm!”  My husband did bake me another one, and the result is still one of my favorite creations:


Now it is a year later, and my friend’s grandmother is turning 90.  My friend came up with the idea of doing a “memory cake”.  All her family members wrote down the most special and memorable things about their grandmother.  She gave me the [long!] list, with full artistic license to do whatever I could come up with.  I decided to do an open book – the book of her life, turned to Page 90, with all of her families remembrances in script and in pictures.



The result is also one of may favorite creations.  I look forward to next year – who knows what will be next, both for her birthday cake and where Owl and the PussyCat Cakes will be as compared to now!



Valentine’s Day Update from OPCCakes

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!  We hope you have some great plans to celebrate this special day with the ones you love.  As you can imagine, it is a big baking holiday for us – we baked over 15 dozen treats yesterday alone for customers and our vendor stores!  We have several updates, but for the speed readers: 

  • New products – cake pops and cake truffles!  Available as custom orders and at our vendor stores
  • New partnerships with Mountainside Market in Princeton & Sweet Briar Photography in Rutland
  • Had demo parties for our daughter’s birthday with Pretty Pretty Princess Parties and The Candy Dish – both HUGE successes and we highly recommend!
  • OPCCakes honored by Birthday Wishes
  • Upcoming event – the Taste of the Towns on Wednesday, March 6th from 5:30 – 8 pm at The Manor Restaurant in West Boylston
  • Coming soon – have OPCCakes come to your house for a Girls Night Out or Kid’s decorating party!!!
  • Bookings and Lead Time


New Products and Where to Find Them! 

We’ve made some additions to our menu – in addition to the Giant Cupcake (great for birthday parties or smash cakes – serves about 10 people), we started making cake pops and cake truffles.  These are selling like wildfire at Sweets & Java, The Candy Dish, and our new partner, the Mountainside Market in Princeton!  What is a cake pop?  It is cake and frosting mixed together and formed into a ball, then dipped in chocolate and decorated.  The result is a sweet, moist, perfectly proportioned treat with endless flavor and decorating possibilities!  Cake pops and truffles also keep for up to 2 weeks in the fridge (1 at room temperature), so you can enjoy them for days (if you can wait that long!).

pops giant cc 

We started working with our newest store, Mountainside Market in Princeton ( in early February.  We are selling regular sized cupcakes, cake pops and truffles.  We are hoping to introduce a line of gluten free and other ingredient-specialty products with them in the coming month or two.  In addition to gourmet local foods and convenience items, the Market also has a small café and a fireplace, with local artists artwork displayed in their dining area.  We couldn’t be happier to be working with them!


OPCCakes is Ready for Our Close-up! 


You may have noticed our friends at Sweet Briar Photography ( helping us out here and there with our photos for our tutorial articles at  They specialize in newborn and infant photography in the Worcester area (Rutland, Holden, Princeton, Sterling, Paxton, Barre, and surrounding areas). We are very happy to now be officially partnering with them to provide smash cakes for their one-year-old photo sessions.  Check out their packages – the Baby’s First Year package even includes a coupon for your child’s first (non-smashed) birthday cake!  (


The Biggest Birthday Weekend in History

candy dish 

Our daughter, Natalie, turned 5 years old at the end of January.  To celebrate, we had her party at The Candy Dish in Rutland(  It was a blast – we did cupcake decorating (Princess and the Frog themed), a candy craft, the kids played arcade games, and everyone went home with some great sweet treats.  Alison did a wonderful job of running the party.


 If that weren’t enough, we also did a demo princess party for her with Pretty Pretty Princess Parties (  Our daughter chose Ariel to come visit – we had two hours of face painting, crafts, storytime, and even a princess fashion show!  We have designed custom princess doll cakes to go with their parties.  A great idea for your little girl!


We are Honored by Birthday Wishes 

Birthday Wishes is a charity that provides birthday parties for children living in homeless shelters.  We have committed to making at least one cake a month for this wonderful organization.  They recently honored us by asking us to make the cake for their annual Volunteer Appreciation Event in March!  It will be some much fun to make a BIG cake for all the people who work so hard to bring special celebrations to some very worthy children.


The Taste of the Towns 

On March 6th, from 5:30-8 we will be participating in the Annual Taste of the Towns, sponsored by the Holden Chamber of Commerce.  This year it is at the Manor Restaurant in West Boylston.  Tickets are $20 for the evening – and for that you get to enjoy samples of cuisine of many local restaurants, caterers, and specialty food companies like ourselves.  It should be a fun night, so we hope to see you there!!!


Decorating parties – we will come to you!


We have had several requests to provide cupcake decorating and other crafty parties.  We are currently putting together party packages for cupcake decorating parties for children, and cupcake bouquets, cake pop, and other decoration ideas for Girls Night Out.  We welcome your ideas.  Please watch our website and FB page for updates!


Time, Time where is the Time???? 

We are so gratified that our business is doing well after less than a year in operation.  However, we are finding that we are having to turn down customers requesting cakes inside a week, just because we are booking out about 2 weeks in advance for custom cake orders!  With one working parent and 2 small children, there just isn’t enough time in the date to accommodate everyone.  Brides – we also have several dates in the summer and spring already set aside, so please contact us ASAP to reserve your dates!  We truly hate disappointing our customers, so please let us know if you want us to make you something as soon as you are able.  

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!  Thank you again for all your love and support! 

Miranda & Mike

Owl and the PussyCat Cakes

Winter Update – January 2013

Happy winter morning to everyone! 


  Our ovens are busy this season with cupcakes and birthday cakes – a great way to stay warm and happy in this cold, dark time of year.  We have several updates to share, but for the speed-readers among you:


  • Cupcakes, cake pops, and cake truffles available at Sweets & Java in Holden, and at Mountainside Market in Princeton
  • Specialty winter and Valentine flavors, cakes, and cupcake bouquets available – check out our website and place your orders by 2/9 for 10% off
  • OPCCakes is now a preferred vendor at Wachusett Mountain for weddings and special events
  • Partnering with The Candy Dish in Rutland and Pretty Pretty Princess Parties for children’s birthday parties
  • Our web designer, Greg Blomstrom, at SJ Video Productions is awesome and taking on new clients 


In-Store Update:


   With our wholesale license fresh in hand, we are working on expanding the number of stores carrying our products.  Currently, Sweet & Java on Main St. in Holden carries our cupcakes in jumbo size.  You can also place your orders for Valentine’s Day directly through them and pick up at the their store.  We are also starting at the Mountainside Market in Princetom – kicking off with their Valentine’s Wine Tasting on Saturday February 9th at 3:00 pm!  Swing by to taste some great local wines, see some local artists, and try a cupcake!  If any among you have suggestions on where else we might look into, please email us.  We are new to the area and still finding all these little hidden gems – help is appreciated! 


Winter and Valentine’s Day 


  Visit our menu at to see our winter and Valentine’s Flavors.  We have held over some of our most popular holiday flavors, and added some more guaranteed to take off the winter chill.  We have three specialty Valentine’s flavors – Love’s Red Velvet, White Chocolate Raspberry, and our favorite Spice It Up Dark Chocolate (devil’s food with chocolate ganache and a kick of chili in both!).  These are available as cupcakes, cakes, and our gorgeous cupcake bouquets.  Place your orders for Valentine’s Day by Saturday, February 10th and received 10% off!




  Engaged over the holidays?  Know someone who is?  Our search for brides and grooms continues!  We are now a preferred vendor for Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, and will have demos at their booth at the upcoming Bride and Groom Magazine bridal show in Marlboro on 2/17.  This was an extra special milestone for us, because it is where we were married.  Please visit our weddings page for more information and to set up a to-go tasting and consultation:


 Birthday Parties – what to do? 


  Our daughter was born in the wintertime – her birthday is next week!  Finding options for your child’s birthday can be challenging, but we have two great suggestions!  The Candy Dish in Rutland is partnering with us to do candy-craft and cupcake decoration parties.  You choose one of three rotating themes (we chose Princess and the Frog for our little girl!) and the kids get to decorate cupcakes in that theme.  We’ve designed a few custom candy-themed cakes for you to choose from as an add-on to the party, or of course you can order something custom!


  Another wonderful business we are partnering with is Pretty Pretty Princess Parties (  A real live princess (your choice of characters) comes to your party in costume, with activities and favors for the children, and can even bring her own unicorns!  We’ve met the unicorns before – mini ponies who are amazingly sweet and pet-able.  This would be a great option for your little princess!  Don’t forget to round out the party with a princess cake by OPCCakes!  We are baking our demos for them this month, and you will soon be able to choose a princess cake from their website 🙂


 Website Updates


   Our website has undergone a lot of changes – all patiently overseen by Greg Blomstrom of SJ Video Productions (  Greg has great ideas, is wonderful to work with, and we highly recommend him for any out there looking for a quality, affordable web designer.  Thank you again Greg!


 Have a wonderful winter everyone!  


 Best wishes, 


Miranda & Mike


Owl and the PussyCat Cakes



A Busy Thanksgiving

Whew!!  The holidays have been so busy, we’ve hardly had a chance to catch our breath, much less post our recent cakes and events.  This past week we were sponsors at the Holden Road Race ( .  The day before Thanksigiving we made over 1000 mini-cupcakes in our holiday flavors for the runners and volunteers!!!

Thanksgiving morning dawned clear and warm(ish).  Mike loaded the cupcakes in the car, and half an hour later I loaded the kids in our other car.  We had decorated our stroller like a turkey – same as last year – only this year with the kids getting bigger it weighed over 120 lbs!  Luckily for us, Natalie ran almost the whole thing herself.  She ran 2.5 miles, gobbling and laughing and cheering everyone on the whole way!  Pretty amazing for a 4 year old if you ask us!  We were so proud.

After we got to the finish line, our good friends were already busy passing out our cupcakes.  We got a great response – everyone seemed to love them.  In retrospect we know to make more gingerbread, as it was the most sought-after flavor!  Even Santa swung by to tell us how much he likes cupcakes 🙂

Of course, we couldn’t be doing a massive event like this without also having custom cake orders.  The same day we made a birthday cake for a couple – he does mass spectrometry, she does regulatory affairs for medicinal products, so we came up with a science themed cake for both of them:

We also created this pretty carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for a family celebrating the 90th birthday of their mother.  We did a classic basketweave on the side and fall flowers and leaves for the decoration.  All gumpaste and fondant.  Happy Birthday!

With the holidays in full swing, we are still BUSY!  Our next big event this weekend is the Festival of Trees in Rutland, sponsored by the Rutland Historical society.  We’ve decorated a Christmas tree in hand-made cupcake ornaments, and our kids have made their gingerbread house for the kid competition (a giant cupcake gingerbread house, of course!).  Pictures of that event are coming – hopefully we will see some of you there!

Margarita Rubber Ducky Anniversary Cake

Like tequila???  This margarita cake is made with limes, triple sec and tequila in both cake and frosting.  I think I got a little tipsy just frosting it!  This is for a first year anniversary – before the wedding the couple grabbed a pre-made pastry from the grocery store and added some rubber ducks.  For their first year together, I couldn’t resist making them something pretty 🙂

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The rubber ducks can be purchased at

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Mountain Bike Birthday Cake

I can only hope that, when I turn 50, I will be half as awesome as the recipient of this mountain bike birthday cake. Yellow cake with our popluat nutella frosting and fondant icing. This guy is going to work off this cake spending all weekend hiking.  Congratulations and Happy Birthday Chris!!!

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